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Segmentation Fault!

All the stuff that are belong to me!

I really got a lot of stuff to clear. Unlike the Podophile, I don’t really have a lot of items to sell. I tend to stick to what I have like flies to turds. I’m like a packrat, but I know that someday, it will accumulate, and possibly take up a whole room or two.

I’m going to have to do a few things to clear up the junk. The one thing that I will have to clear out first are the stacks of CDs. You know, the one you get at trade shows, the music CDs you burn but never catalogue it, the linux ISOs and random bits of data that you think you might need but never get to, those damn CDs that you keep because they might mean something to you. That will be the first to go. Hope I can do it by the end of this week.

Once the CDs are done, there will be one less thing to clutter up my mind. Let go of the “stuff” which reminds me of doing something, that I have no intention of doing.


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Hello world!

Hello? Anybody there? Am I alone here? What am I doing here in the first place? Ooh, ooh! A blog! A place where one can dump core? It’s been a long time. Too long. So long ago that I don’t know where to start.

Anyway, this should be a place where I can rant about a thing or two. Tech fetishes, geek dreams, toys, games, etc., should still be at RoughingIT, where I’d spew out everything geek.

Those of you who just come for a visit, welcome!

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